Love your dog

I was motivated to write this post by one conversation have had long time ago. A friend of mine had just got a puppy, and I was curious how is he doing. So I asked. Well, the answer was not really what I was expecting. She said “You know, he is not interested enough in toys, could be faster. But he has a nice food motivation and he looks good while working”. I stood there, waiting for more humane answer. But that was it. This was the only thing she had to say about her dog. Unfortunately, many people consider there dogs to be just tools and means to an end. What about my dogs? If someone has asked me the same question?
I would have answered „perfect, the best, loved, happy” then I would describe each one with more details but concerning our regular life, maybe at the end I would add some sport qualities if a person was interested.
We are very active with G TEAM, we do a lot of stuff and we try out dozens of activities. For some they have more predispositions than for the others. But this is a secondary thing for me. When in three years, new team member arrives (cross breed like Gacek, Gapcio or Gunia) I will consider him as a friend in the first place. Even though I want to work and trial with him.

To me dog are family members, friends and best buddies to share the moments of your life. They motivate me to do things and to expand my horizons. They do not pretend, they are always themselves. This relationship between species is magical.  Dogs are the family with who I love to spend time. Just be together, no need to do anything. I love them. Unconditionally and boundlessly. What I love most is our beach walks. Where Gacek and Gapcio run crazy on a cliffs and Gunia is rolling on the sand. Then we sit together and enjoy our company. The same when we cuddle in bed, I have my book and all of my dogs are next to me. That what happiness is about.


The presence and possibility to observe my dogs is a pure pleasure. I am fascinated how we have learned to communicate with each others. How good we know each other. I love working with them and I hope I will never stop. But if for some reasons I had to stop our training I would and I would still love them and enjoy our time together. I can not imagine accessing them thorough the prism of utility and sport qualities. Dog will never be a thing for me or just a sportsman. He will always be a friend in a first place. It would not be a world’s end if my next dog (with whom I want to trial) was unable to train for some reason. I have never felt that my dog has let me down or disappointed my because of a training situation. 


Sport is a great thing but it is just a small part of our life together. The rest of it is crucial to build our bond. It is much more important than trialing or seminars. If we fail in this, we destroy the foundations of our relationship.

Dog’s friendship is priceless. The bond we can build is amazing and strong. But only if it is based on a true mutual feeling. You can not pretend or lie to your dog. That is way, the same as with family and friends I do not judge them by their usefulness. My dogs are simply amazing and every moment we share together is the happiest one in my life.