Uczymy zachowań!

Uczymy zachowań, a nie konceptów czy braku zachowania. Brzmi prosto, prawda? Ale w rzeczywistości tak bardzo skupiamy się na próbach uczenia konceptów, nadawaniu łatek, czy abstrakcyjnych ideach, że zapominamy o tym, co jest naprawdę ważne.

Let it go!

Pressure is inseparable part of every sport. It is not a big deal if we are aware of its presence and if we can control it. The thing is we often use it unintentionally or worse: we overuse it because we want to achieve something. Based on my experience I can say the worst combination is when we do both simultaneously.
If your dog is fragile and insecure he will freeze and shut down, that will lead to a detrimental influence on your relationship. On the other hand if your dog is drivey and strong you can end up with an emotional and frustrated wreck.
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